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At Marti Chiropractic LLC, we are proud to offer comprehensive, results-driven rehabilitation and performance programs for active individuals of all ages. Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking to prevent one from occurring, or interested in improving your overall mobility, Marti Chiropractic, LLC offers you personal and effective care that will help you achieve your goals.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation or Simply IASTM is a new range of tool which enables clinicians to efficiently locate and treat individuals diagnosed with soft tissue dysfunction. IASTM is performed with ergonomically designed instruments that detect and treat fascial restrictions, encourage rapid localization and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis, chronic inflammation, or degeneration. As in any Manual therapy treatment ,supplementation with exercises and additional modalities e.g. joint mobilization designed to correct biomechanical deficiencies by addressing musculoskeletal strength and muscle imbalances throughout the entire kinetic chain should be used in conjunction with IASTM.


Low Level Laser Therapy

The low-level laser therapy is an alternative method of treatment where the injured body part is exposed to lasers of low intensity, which stimulate the cells and tissues and quicken the healing process. Applied by a special laser beam generator, the affected body part is exposed to the low-intensity laser, which produces photon energy. This energy is transformed into biochemical energy and the cumulative effect after subsequent sessions at set intervals restores the normal functioning of the cells. What makes the low-level laser treatment very popular is the quick initiation of healing, alleviation of pain, inflammation and no effect on the cells, which are functioning normally. The low-level laser treatment eliminates pain and inflammation, restores normal body functioning without the use of painkillers, is non-toxic and non-invasive and improves the overall quality of life.


Whole Body Vibration Therapy

A less strenuous form of exercise that can mimic the muscle and bone health benefits of regular exercise.  It aims to prevent bone loss by transmitting vibrations directly through the body. Whole-body vibration research shows that whole-body vibration, when performed correctly and under medical supervision when needed, can:

-Reduce back pain
-Improve strength and balance in older adults
-Reduce bone loss


Electric Stimulation Therapy

A therapeutic treatment that applies electrical stimulation in treating muscle spasms and pain. It can help prevent atrophy and build strength in patients with injuries.

- It can help stimulate a weak muscle by causing it to contract repetitively which will help the muscle regain its function, strength and endurance. This is particularly effective for muscles that have wasted after being immobilized in a cast or following neurologically causes muscle weakness such as with a stroke.
- It is very effective for pain relief. Stimulates the central nervous system to facilitate the release of endorphins (pain relieving chemicals) into the body.

- It stimulates vasodilation in the blood vessels which results in the removal of inflammatory toxins and thus eases swelling.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is often used to provide deep heating to soft tissue structures in the body. Deep heating tendons, muscles or ligaments increases circulation to those tissues, which is thought to help the healing process. Increasing tissue temperature with ultrasound is also used to help decrease pain.

Deep heating can be used to decrease muscle spasm. If you have shoulder pain and have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, ultrasound can help to improve the extensibility of the tissues around your shoulder prior to performing range of motion exercises. This may help improve the ability of your shoulder to stretch..


Postural Corrective Exercises

Posture correction exercises can provide many benefits for individuals who experience neck or back pain. If your pain worsens at certain times of day, improves with a change of position or moves from one area of the spine to another, the culprit of your discomfort may be poor posture.

While making a conscious effort to sit or stand with proper posture can help to ease your discomfort, more lasting pain relief can be found through exercises designed to strengthen the supporting muscles around your spine. The large muscles in your back and the muscles in your core help your spine carry and stabilize the weight of the body. By strengthening these muscles, your spine can reduce the amount of pressure placed on the vertebrae and discs, and can ultimately increase its overall health.

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