In Marti Chiropractic, LLC we provide cash discount to patients in need of Chiropractic treatment but unable to pay the office fee schedule due to financial hardship. This discount does not apply to Medicare, Medicaid, Auto Accident, Auto Insurance, Medical Insurance, Slip & Fall and Worker's Comp patients. 


NO SHOW and NO CANCELATION requires $20 non refundable in advanced to Re-schedule

Initial Visit $80

The initial visit consist of an Examination, Neurological Testing, Orthopedic Testing, Chiropractic Adjustment and Physiotherapy.  The Chiropractic Adjustment and Physiotherapy rely on the Examination, Neurological Testing and Orthopedic Testing.


Follow Up Visit $50

The Follow Up visit consist of a Chiropractic Adjustment and Physiotherapy which rely on the Initial Visit.  



Chiropractic Adjustment $30

The Chiropractic Adjustment rely on the Initial Visit.